Cruiser is a platform for developing rich internet applications and services that make use of maps, geographic data and location-aware information. Cruiser provides a client 'shell' capable for hosting virtually any geo-spatial or mapping application, each with its own UI, features and logic. Hosted applications can benefit from a range of APIs that provide access to mapping and database manipulation features of the core Cruiser platform.

Cruiser-based applications are hosted in Cruiser servers and are streamed to users through Cruiser channels. Each channel encapsulates the content, functionality and look-and-feel of the Cruiser application it conveys (all specified by the owner-operator of each channel) works independently from others conveying strictly channel-specific information to the targeted audience.

Channels can be viewed by either webCruiser, an AJAX based client which can be used in all popular web browsers, or by desktop Cruiser, a Java rich client application that provides advanced user experience.

Users can just 'tune in' to a desired channel and navigate around in the channel's geographic space, visit places, browse available information, inspect objects and geographical features, access web sites that are linked to the objects of concern, conduct searches using spatial criteria, add notes and place-marks, share geographic content with others, personalize the views and print customized maps.

Cruiser channels can be used either on-line through the internet or off-line, or both. On-line users have access to all existing channels and to fully updated content.